Hunter Cancer Centre
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Helpful tips prior to treatment


  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Take any medications that your doctor may have ordered you to take before your chemotherapy.

  • Make sure that you have had your blood test done today. If you do not have a blood Request Form and are unsure of this please call either Hunter Cancer Centre or your treating doctor.

  • If you have had treatment before and this is your next treatment, check the amount of anti-nausea medications you have. If you are running low we will be able to supply you with more.

  • Prepare meals in advance and allow some quiet days following chemotherapy.

  • Shop in advance.


  • Eat breakfast! (Unless otherwise specified by your doctor).

  • Drink fluids, but limit your coffee and tea. This will help us when putting your cannula in.

  • Pack a drink bottle, if not ask for a bottle of water when in the treatment area.

  • Bring your diary with you. It will help us to know how you have been.

  • Family and friends are most welcome in the unit whilst you are having treatment. For your comfort we request you limit visitors to 2 people at any one time.

  • Wear comfortable clothes. Bring in warm socks or a jumper if you feel the cold. Blankets can be supplied, just ask us for one.

  • We will provide refreshments and or lunch for you while you are in the unit.


  • Advise us if you feel or start to feel unwell at any time during your treatment.

  • If you have a cannula (drip/ IV) and if at any time this starts to feel uncomfortable or painful, please tell the nurse immediately.

  • If you have a portacath or PICC line that is accessed and if at any time this starts to feel uncomfortable or painful, please tell the nurse immediately.


Please make sure you have everything with you including:

  • Prescriptions.

  • Discharge medications that include your anti- nausea medication.

  • Blood slips (pathology form).

  • Your next follow up appointment with your Medical Oncologist before your next cycle, or as discussed with your Medical Oncologist.

  • Your next appointment for treatment. It is advisable that if your require treatment for 2-3 consecutive days or are weekly that you make all of these appointments as times especially in the morning may be difficult to accommodate.

  • That your cannula (drip) or portacath needle has been removed.

  • If you are having radiation and chemotherapy at the same time, please tell us and we will try to coordinate your treatment with your radiation appointment.

  • Your Neutropenic sepsis discharge form or Nursing Discharge Form