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Will I get fatigue?

Most people with cancer have identified fatigue as a major troubling symptom with their illness and treatment. Fatigue may also be described as feeling lethargic, tired, listless, washed out etc. Fatigue can occur any time throughout your treatment.

Travelling to hospital regularly for medical appointments and chemotherapy and being away from home can all add to feeling of fatigue. We will endeavour to assist you with coordinating appointments during your treatment.


  • Gentle exercise can help combat fatigue, so continue your daily walks or activities.

  • Eat a well balanced meals and ensure you drink plenty of fluids

  • Ask about our wellness programs designed for our cancer patients.

  • Avoid stress and try stress relieving activities such as listening to music, reading a book, relaxation and meditation.

  • If you need an afternoon nap, take one! Take small frequent rests or breaks rather than a long break or sleep.

  • Try and balance activity and rest. Set small manageable goals when planning your day but ensure rest periods are included.

  • If you are finding it difficult to shop, try online shopping. Many of our current large supermarkets offer an online service to assist customers in purchasing groceries online and delivering them to your door.

  • Think of ways to save your energy, break your daily activates up into smaller tasks i.e. sitting down to fold the washing.