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Clinical Trials

"Clinical trials are essential for evaluating the effectiveness and safety of drugs, devices, services and interventions to help prevent, detect or treat illness and disease. It is through the research done in clinical trials that people gain access to better treatments sooner."

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

The Hunter Cancer Centre (HCC) is committed to participating in clinical trials that offer the most current treatments available. The HCC works with industry sponsors, Australian collaborative groups as well as supporting investigator initiated research.

As part of your treatment at the HCC the option of a clinical trial may be presented to you. All trials conducted at the HCC have been reviewed by a NHMRC recognised ethics committee and have been approved to proceed at our centre. These trials have also been reviewed and approved by the medical committees of Lake Macquarie Private Hospital, Genesis Care and the Breast and Endocrine Centre.

Currently the HCC has trials open in the following areas:

  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Gastro-intestinal cancer
  • Cervical cancer

If a clinical trial is suitable for you, a Participant Information sheet will be provided to you. This information sheet covers all the details about the research including, the purpose of the study, who is running the study and the details of the Ethics Committee that has approved it, what you need to do in the study, including any tests or other procedures and how long the study will last, possible risks and side effects and who you can contact if you need further information. You will have time to review this information carefully and discuss it with your treating doctor, research nurse, local doctor and relatives or friends to decide if you would like to participate.

It is important for you to know that that your privacy will be maintained if you participate in any research. Your medical information and study records and data will be protected.

Participation in any research study is voluntary.  If you decide to take part in a study and later change your mind, you are free to withdraw at any stage.

Your decision on whether to take part or not to take part, or to take part and then withdraw, will not affect your routine treatment, your relationship with those treating you, or your relationship with Lake Macquarie Private Hospital, Genesis Cancer Care or The Breast and Endocrine Centre.

If you would like further information about participating in research please talk to your treating Doctor.

The following sites provide more information about research and clinical trials: